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Profile. Ekaterina Kukhareva.

Each season Ekaterina Kukhareva is making a collection of knitted swatches and fabrics in a variety of colour combinations using Italian yarns, such as viscose, cotton and wool mix. The collections that are often comprised of light and airy knitwear and are always suitable for warm climates; therefore Ekaterina has a great following in Middle East.

Ekaterina programs all of her designs by herself. Being a trained designer, programmer and the technician gives her the freedom of experimenting and transferring her own designs into the finished product the way that she sees it. That is why the finished product always looks exactly as it is in her sketches.

She allows her customer to alter the final product of her own, by giving them the opportunity to add or take away lengths, sleeves, altering the colours and do other minor variations that would suit the end customer at the shop.

Recently Ekaterina has started her own shoe line that is made in Italy as well as knitted beachwear line giving her customer a choice of great quality products.