We hope you enjoy your merchandise and would like you to know how to take special care of your garment to make sure it lasts you for a long time and remains at its best state.

The nature of each garment is individual and therefore requires different care instructions. 

Washing Instructions for Viscose, Wool and Silks

Knitwear can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. We recommend hand washing following these simple guidelines:

-Treat stains immediately with cold water, do not rub, wring or stretch the garment

-Soak garment in lukewarm water using a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly

-Gently squeeze out all of the excess water

-Smooth garment back into original shape and place flat on a towel- dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight

-Do not Tumble Dry

-When dry press lightly with a cool iron or steamer


Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a cashmere comb. After wearing your new woollen garment for the first times you might find small balls of fibre forming on the surface. The ‘pilling’ is not indicative of inferior quality –it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fibre.


If your garment has sprouted a big hole, you should take it to a knitwear specialist for reweaving. But if it's got nothing more than a small snag or unravelling thread, you can keep the sweater from unravelling further with this simple repair.

-Use the hook to pull the loose yarn through to the back side of the garment

-Turn the sweater inside out

- Use the crochet hook to make a loop out of the loose yarn, then pull the loose end through the loop, creating a knot on the inside of the sweater.

To avoid snagging it is best not to touch or rub the garment next to the jewellery or some bags that could be rubbing against the garment. If you are still not sure or would like us to make a repair of your special piece, email our Customer Service team.

How to store your garment

Always store your KUKHAREVA garment folded nicely and flat. The little loops attached to the seams are designed to not let your garment slide from the hanger, but do nothing to prevent the weight of the garments from pulling out of the shape. The longer it would hang on a hanger, the longer it would stretch/grow down to the floor. To avoid the garment being stretched, please keep it nicely folded and stored flat.

If you have any questions regarding your garment please email us with any concerns at onlineshop@kukhareva.com

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