About us

Ekaterina Kukhareva was born in Ukraine and has grown up moving between Denmark, Ukraine and England. Ekaterina has studied Textiles at Central Saint Martin's whilst in between her studies working for Temperley London.

Ekaterina's love for fashion has resulted in her pursuing the career under her own knitwear label 'Ekaterina Kukhareva'. Ekaterina is designing for a fashion forward woman, who is relaxed, young at heart, not afraid to experiemtn and wants to look elegant at all times.

Each collection comprises of diferent patterns which are a signature and the DNA of the brand, colours,textures and yarn combinations. Coming from a textile background and being trained as a technician on the industrial knitting machine STOLL, Ekaterina has a freedom of experimenting with the fabric design. Each season she designs exceptional and unique fabrics suitable for all climates. The manufacturing process and the structure of Ekaterina's business has allowed to provide her customer with unique 'Made to Measure' and personalized product.

Ekaterina Kukhareva has been showcasing her collections twice a year during London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Ech collection is warmly received and has celebrities following that include: Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato and Kerri Hilson to name a few.