‘When a woman enters the room, she makes heads turn’

KUKHAREVA London is advanced contemporary line established in 2010 by a Ukrainian born, London raised designer Ekaterina Kukhareva. She creates for a woman who embraces all aspects of femininity, sensuality and sophistication.

Ekaterina studied at Central Saint Martin's where she completed her BA in Textile Design. Before establishing her eponymous label in 2011, Ekaterina went a step further and trained as a specialised knitwear technician on the industrial knitting machine, STOLL, which takes pride of place in her studio in Chelsea.

Intricate knowledge of yarn behaviour, various knitting techniques and technical expertise allow Ekaterina to transfer patterns and prints into 3D in form of womenswear. Ekaterina’s technical knowledge, coupled with trend-led design, allow her to manipulate all the different elements in order to produce colourful, bold, yet flattering and wearable womenswear line. The integrated business model and in house manufacturing allows Ekaterina to provide her customers with unique “Made to Measure” and personalised products to suit different needs, budgets and shape.

Each collection is inspired and based around a specific set of patterns, which are very much a part of Ekaterina Kukhareva brand and form the DNA of the brand. These patterns are translated into wearable items of clothing which range in their composition from overcomplicated, colourful and bold 4 colour jacquard to single solid colour woven fabrics with intricate and elaborate design done in acetate clear yarn.